Friday, April 29, 2005

Starting my weblog...

I get complaints every now and then from friends and relatives who want to see pictures of my family more often than I usually send them out. While it is unlikely things will ever improve, I can certainly send photos via email. For all those who want to know all the breathtaking details of my so-called life, this weblog is your ticket.

Seriously though, my family and I spent a delightful afternoon at Riverfront Park; playing on the toys, strolling among the pre-Bloomsday crowds, feeding the ducks, and cursing the seagulls who eventually chased away all the gentler fowl.

At one point, Rhonda and I sat back and watched the kids as they threw popcorn to the ducks, geese, and seagulls. It was a perfect moment. We realized how blessed we are to have such gentle and amazing children.

On the way home, we stopped briefly at St. Aloysius Catholic Church for a couple of photographs. I had visited several days earlier to photograph portions of the church as part of a newfound interest in amateur photography.

It was a simple yet beautiful day.

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