Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Pictures from Chewelah

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Chewelah Cemetery.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

What is this thing?
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

I really like this shot of the mystery brick structure.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

On my way home from work this afternoon, I took my time and stopped in Chewelah to take a few pictures. I stopped along the roadside and photographed this really weird brick structure that looks to me like it used to be a giant bread oven, or something like that. Who knows what it really is? Whatever the case, I find something vaguely appealing about it.

I also stopped at the Chewelah Cemetery and photographed this statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I'm not Catholic, but something about Catholic religious art moves me. I think perhaps I relate to it on an ancestral level, from when Catholicism blended with ancient Native American religion.

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