Monday, December 05, 2005

Mayan/Aztec Horoscope

I found this horoscope based on the Mayan calendar. All you have to do is plug in your date of birth and ask for a free sample report ( I hope you'll try it and compare with mine.
Prepared for Barry Moses:

Born March 6, 1971

DAY-SIGN: 13-Ocelot

YEAR: South-11

13-DAY PERIOD: 1-Wind


VENUS PHASE: Morning Star

Privacy is something that you need, yet your tendency to become involved in entangled relationships often makes this difficult. By nature, you are a secretive person who has found that controlling information helps you maintain some control over your life. You have an inborn sense of strategy and make a good planner and investigator.

You are also quite aggressive and competitive. You will fight to make a point, though you usually do so in a somewhat indirect way. In conversation you can be cutting and sarcastic, but you do use subtlety and rarely come right out with what you think.

You tend to have rather complex relationships with spouses, relatives and friends. Your pattern is to become deeply involved on many levels and to base some of your security needs on these relationships. When things turn sour, you find yourself caught up in a network of ties, dependencies, and obligations that are difficult to throw off easily and quickly. At worst, you may become socially mal-adjusted and dependent. At best, you are a person who can heal sick human relationships as well as explore them to their fullest.

You probably have some psychic abilities. You are very sensitive in general and can read people intuitively. Negatively, this sensitivity could become a problem, particularly when alcohol or drugs are involved. Some Ocelot personalities develop their psychic senses or master divination techniques. On another level, medical and healing arts may appeal to you and, as a practitioner or counselor, you find your way to a diagnosis using your powerful instincts. In fact, you may be a natural healer.

You are probably regarded as an intelligent person and are possibly very well-educated. You display a facility for communication and may actually be a powerful and persuasive speaker or writer. Negatively, you can dominate conversations or attempt to impose your views on others. You have a powerful imagination and are capable of visualizing all sorts of things, from the sublime to the paranoid. Possibly the best type of education for you is one in which psychology and social sciences are emphasized.


Chelle said...

I only agree with parts of this for you. Some I thought were way off. If you mixed mine and yours together it would be perfect.

barrymoses said...

So are you going to tell us what your "sign" was in the Mayan/Aztec system? What did it say about you?

Chelle said...

Your Most Personal Traits -- The Day-Sign of Your Birth
Here are your strongest and most obvious personality traits. The delineation below describes who you are and how you appear to others, at least on the surface. In Aztec astrology this part of is your horoscope is your Tonalli, or Day-Sign, the form bestowed upon you by the Sun.
Monkey: You are a person who needs attention from others. It is possible that you are an actor, artist, musician, designer or writer. You may also be multi-talented, able to switch from one art form to another with little effort. If you don't practice an art form you probably seek other ways to get attention, and in some cases, less socially acceptable ways.

Perhaps it is the cultivation and development of personality that is the core issue for Monkey types. The mask of the self, the social personality, appears to be the strong point, or the object of obsession, for those of you born on this day. You experience life as theater and the mask becomes all important. In careers where personal presentation is crucial to success, as in performing or sales, a developed personality is a real asset.

You are the type of person who assumes positions of leadership. By nature you are not a follower and therefore your choice is either independence or leadership -- but leaders get attention. You have a tendency to constantly promote yourself which is often perceived by others as attractiveness or even charisma. Much of this is done unconsciously. It may be the case that you are really very insecure and need to compensate for this by getting the world to acknowledge your worth. However, sometimes you compensate a little too much and can be overbearing and dominating.

Emotionally, you may be a little distant and aloof in close relationships. Your emotional distancing may attractive to others as it lends an air of mystery to your already dramatic character. But this could also create problems in relationships. On the other hand, you also have powerful drives and a strong desire nature. Your desire for leadership and attention is also behind your many accomplishments. Perhaps these drives are one and the same.

You are also a very communicative and curious person. You are interested in everything that passes in front of you and will go out of your way to learn how something works. You make an excellent teacher and are an equally good student. Mentally, you are capable of working with details, but you excel at generalities, and this is often what leadership requires.

Your Deeper Self -- The 13-Day Week of Your Birth
Each of us reacts to the world around us in different ways. Our reactions are mostly unconscious; they represent what our deeper self needs. Our reactions both attract and repel us from things, people, and situations. What we like, what we like to do, and who we really are is shown by the 13-day week called the Trecena that we were born under. Each of these periods begins with the number 1 and the name of the day-sign that starts it. A number is attached to your position within the 13-day period that may be an important number for you.
This is the first day of the 13-day period beginning with 1-Monkey. Consciously and unconsciously you have a strong need to be in the limelight, or at least to gain the respect of the public. There is something of the politician in you and you may be well suited to activities like teaching, performance, and presentations of all kinds. You love to play and probably have several hobbies that keep you busy when you are not working. Yours is a dominant personality and you would make a strong leader. You will rise in life because of your way with words and your dramatic posturing.