Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gregory Heline betrayed my trust...

Gregory Heline betrayed my trust:

About a year ago, my wife and I declared bankruptcy and hired Mr. Heline as our attorney. We paid him a sizable chunk of money, almost a thousand dollars, and made arrangements to pay our remaining bills through a trustee.

So our attorney takes out about $1300 a month to pay our mortgage, car payment, and various other fees, but instead of paying the money as agreed, Mr. Heline and/or the trustee decided to stop paying our car payment and pocket the money for themselves. Of course, they didn't tell us they stopped making the car payment (way back in October), and we didn't find out until the bank sent us a repossession notice in the mail. Obviously, this was news to us, since the money had been coming out of my check, and I contacted Mr. Heline to rectify the situation.

"Oh yeah, I'll get right on it," he said, and proceeded to leave town for several weeks.

Meanwhile, the bank repossessed the car while Mr. Heline and the trustee walk away with our money. The most damnable part of the whole ordeal is that this kind of thing happens all the time because bankruptcy attorneys know they can get away with it. We contacted another attorney and he essentially told us we could fight him, but by the time we recovered our money, we would spend more than we lost in attorney's fees and we still wouldn't get our car back.

This kind of behavior is morally reprehensible; I mean, Mr. heline literally steals from people who cannot defend themselves; people he supposedly represents.

So with all the power of my massive media empire (all of three readers), Gregory Heline will remain on my shame list until he rectifies the situation, either through a refund of the money he took from us, or he returns our car.

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