Saturday, June 18, 2005

Healing Dance Workshop

Rhonda's Healing Dance Workshop had a dance recital this evening at Positive Power Studios. Participants worked on personal goals over a period of 10 weeks and created an expressive dance to portray individual values and growth. One dancer spoke of his desire to become a loving husband and father some day. Another spoke of her desire to "shine." Rhonda created a dance depicting her desire to be a witness of God's love among her friends and aquaintances.

From the Summit Quest web site:

Healing Dance is a creative process of mind, body, and spirit allowing the body to express emotion through movement and dance. There are no lessons or techniques to learn; rather Healing Dance requires an absolute trust in the human spirit to create its own dance. The task of the dancer is to simply trust the flow of music and their own spirit.

For more information about upcoming courses and other programs at Summit Quest, visit Rhonda's web page:

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