Friday, June 10, 2005

Medicine Wheel Graduation

I attended commencement ceremonies for the Medicine Wheel Academy of Spokane. District officials gave me a cool reception, but two of three graduates were my students back in the day, and were glad to see me. I also got to visit some of my old co-workers and friends. It was a good day.

One friend in particular took me out to dinner. We had a wonderful visit. She helped me see how much stress I've been under and how I need to "go back to the river," or my spiritual source for strength.

Afterwards, I was supposed to go to class, but I've been feeling so stressed out these last few weeks, I decided to skip class and go sweat with my uncle Pat. When I showed up, my new friend Edward was building the fire, but everyone else was gone, including my uncle. We waited several hours for my uncle to arrive, but he never did. The two of us ended up sweating alone. The experience gave me a few insights, however. I realize how much I depend on my uncle to hold my spiritual reality together. Somehow, the spirits never seem quite as real unless he's around. As I poured water on the rocks, I thought how much more I can do for my own spiritual walk; and not depend so much on others.

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