Saturday, May 28, 2005

Civil War Re-Enactment

My family witnessed a re-enactment of the Civil War right here in Spokane. I knew such re-enactments took place on the great battlefields of the Old South, but I never knew they were so popular this far west and north.

I was immediately impressed by the authenticity of the costumes, weapons, camps, and other artifacts from the 1860s. The battle scene featured real cannons, Civil War era guns, and the smell of black powder. Volunteers set up authentic camps, cooked over fires, displayed authentic medical instruments of the age, played music, and offered information about many aspects of American life in the 1860s. Many times during the battle and touring the camps, I felt transported back in time and was overwhelmed by the solemn realization of how real these events were, and the terrible consequences of any war of a nation against itself.

Not long ago, I watched a television documentary about the politics leading up to the Civil War, and felt echoes of a nation still divided by opposing ideologies and politics. I wonder if liberal and conservative factions in this country will ever make allowances for one another, or if we'll continue the road of conflict.

On a personal note, my family loved seeing Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda. They visited over the last few days, but not long enough. We'll miss them in the coming weeks and months.

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