Thursday, May 12, 2005

Native American Presentation

My son asked me to do a Native American presentation at Brentwood Elementary. I used to present fairly often, but not within the last few years. Education is necessary, but it hurts me to see how many people still cling to old Hollywood stereotypes.

After some reflection about past presentations, I agreed to present. Dakota's teacher arranged for the entire third grade to attend and not just his class.

Dakota and I prepared a general powerpoint about the Spokane Tribe, and I brought several items for the kids to see: feathers, a drum, a flute, etc. I sang some traditional songs and felt deeply impressed the songs were blessing the children, even if most of them would never know it or understand. I felt a powerful surge of spiritual energy throughout my entire body as I sang, and I knew the spirits were happy. The kids seemed genuinely moved, and several of them told me afterwards, "That was amazing!"

I'm glad Dakota invited me.

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