Friday, September 30, 2005

Felony Flats

What a strange day. All my clients either re-scheduled their appointments at the last minute or stood me up altogether. I felt like an orphan as I wandered the streets of downtown Spokane, rushing off to meetings that would never occur.

One of my clients lives very near the first home my wife and I purchased together on the lovely plains of "Felony Flats," the proud home of drug pushers and gang lords. As our children came into the world, Rhonda and I realized we did not wish to raise our family in that kind of environment. We moved north, but it really was a beautiful home.

From Felony Flats, I took a walk down the hill and across the Spokane River on a new footbridge connecting the West Central Neighborhood (the real name of Felony Flats) to People's Park. I visited the archaeological dig once again, and had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Spokane Tribal elder Vi Frizzel.

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