Monday, September 05, 2005

While I was away...

A lot can happen in a week...

On the world scene, Hurricane Katrina, the biggest storm in U.S. history, made landfall on the Gulf Coast, leaving death, destruction, and devastation in its path. It's been difficult to watch, even from the safety of my television set; thousands were left stranded four, five, or six days in the Superdome, as they sat in their own rotting waste; the city of New Orleans was completely under water; dead bodies were strewn on the streets and floating in the's absolutely horrifying! I've never seen a disaster of this magnitude in the United States in all my life! Hundreds, maybe even thousands were killed.

Here at home, my family took ill one by one, though I won't describe the symptoms here. I was in bed most of the week.

Wellpinit Powwow started on Friday, but we missed it because of illness. We didn't go until Saturday...even though I didn't feel all that much better. It was hard to be there for a lot of reasons, including many of the people who have harmed our family; but there were friends too, loved ones, and allies. Powwow was a good experience too: my family set the headstone for my uncle Sam; I saw Samantha's baby for the first time; I visited with old friends.

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