Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Work is Picking Up

Nothing too exciting to report today...

...except maybe my job has taken a positive turn. My supervisor gave me seven new cases yesterday, making it more likely I will be able to stay on this job AND still pay my bills. It's always nice to have enough money for things like food and mortgage payments; that's not to mention all the extras like going out to eat or watching movies.

My job is kind of fun actually; I mean, there is a lot of variety. For example, today I spent a good portion of the morning helping a client make purchases at Goodwill Industries. Afterwards, I helped her move everything into her little apartment. A little later, I was down on east Trent visiting another client in her motel room. I would never visit these places on my own, or know about the bizarre twists and turns of life encountered by my clients. In a weird sort of way, I feel real lucky to be so personally involved with these people. They share things with me they wouldn't tell anyone else. It's a sacred trust.

In other news, the Monroe Street Bridge opened after closing for two and a half years. Yeah, I know...this is really boring news for a personal blog, but I am SO happy about it. I was really getting fed up with driving around the construction. Besides, the renovation preserved all the historical that's cool.

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