Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fig Tree Photograph

Several months ago I wrote about visiting Midnite Uranium Mine on the Spokane Indian Reservation with Deb Abrahamson. I published a photograph of Deb standing inside the open uranium pit. Well, today I picked up the January issue of the Fig Tree and saw my photograph of Deb on the front page! They actually published my picture and gave me credit on the front page of their newspaper. I was thrilled.

By the way, the Fig Tree article addressed the clean-up of radiactive waste on the reservation and Deb's efforts to educate the public. Deb Abrahamson leads a non-profit ogranization called the S.H.A.W.L. Society, dedicated to healing Native American Sovereignty, Health, Air, Water, and Land.

To read the full article, click below:

SHAWL Society in the Fig Tree.

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Chelle said...

I am convinced they use your blog to find ideas for their paper?