Thursday, January 12, 2006

Graduate Student Advisory Board

Several months ago I was invited to serve on the Graduate Student Advisory Board at Whitworth College. We met today for our regular, bi-monthly meeting. We talked about a variety of policy issues at the college, but of note, I agreed to write an article about Dr. Thomas Lickona for the graduate studies newsletter. Dr. Lickona is nationally known for his work with Character Education programs around the country.

We also discussed upcoming graduation ceremonies in May. I announced my intent to graduate and acknowledged I have attended some form of higher education more or less consistently for the last 12 years. In fact, I registered for classes at Spokane Falls Community College the same week I buried my father on this date in 1994. As I contemplated finishing this major step of my life, I couldn't help feel just a little emotional. What a blessing to see the end in sight; it's been a long haul.

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