Friday, January 20, 2006

A Moment to Reflect

After hearing the devastating news about Steve, I took a few moments to myself and climbed the hill overlooking his house. I referred to this place as "Temple Hill" in a previous post because of the peaceful and holy feelings I get when I'm there. Plus, Steve's house is located on "Temple Road." It all fits in my mind.

The day had been overcast and gloomy since early this morning, but when I reached the summit of the hill, the sun emerged from behind a cloud and shone magnificently, casting a warm glow over the landscape below. I was blessed to get a few great photographs before the sun went back into hiding. As I walked back down to the house, I saw a red-tailed hawk and a bald eagle flying in circles around one another and whistling. It was an incredible sight! I felt so comforted and blessed to witness beauty of the sun and the animals.

In a way, Steve lives on through beauty, spirit, and nature.

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Susanne said...

Dear Barry,
This is a beautiful entry. It brings tears to my eyes as it is so touching and thoughtful. You sure know how to capture true feeling of emotion with your camera as well as your writings.
Your Friend, Susie