Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What is a Peacemaker?

I met with Kateri and Sara of the Spokane Interfaith Council to discuss creating a curriculum for Camp P.E.A.C.E. Hopefully, they will eventually secure funds to hire me as an educational consultant for the project. As we met, we focused on defining key educational objectives and competencies essential to peace-making.

We asked ourselves, "What is a peacemaker? What does a peacemaker DO? What skills does a peacemaker demonstrate?"

As we asked the questions, we began to brainstorm possible answers, realizing the topic is far greater than any of us can describe in less than an hour. However, certain traits began to emerge. For example, a peacemaker is someone who has the ability to validate the experience of others. A peacemaker is able to listen. A peacemaker demonstrates skill in bridging differences between people from diverse racial, cultural, religious, and political backgrounds. A peacemaker is able to articulate the foundational principles of equality in our democracy and speak up for justice.

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