Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chris at the Airport

Chris Lammer.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

At the end of my day, just before driving to Wellpinit, I received a telephone call from my old friend Chris Lammer of Boise, Idaho. I met him years ago when I was actively involved with Spectrum Trainings, Inc. Since then, we fell out of touch and had not seen each other in about 5 years. As it turns out, he was waiting for a flight at the Spokane Airport and asked if I could stop in for a brief visit. I just happened to be heading that way, so I agreed.

As we visited, he told me about all the twists and turns of his life and asked me how I'm doing. Then I realized how much changed for me in the last 5 years since I saw him last. How could I rightfully tell the story before he had to board his plane? More than anything, I realized just how far we've come...and that felt good.

Spokane International Airport.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

After I left Chris to board his plane, I got a few photographs of the airport terminal from the parking garage. I probably would have taken more pictures, but I suddenly got a creepy feeling that some Homeland Security guy was watching me from a closed circuit television screen in a seedy office someplace in the underbelly of the airport and was at that moment dispatching officers to question me. Yeah, I guess airports are not good places to take lots of pictures. It could be construed as suspicious activity, like the time I took pictures of the federal building at night, or photographed my son in the Social Security Office. Hmmm.

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