Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gold Fever

This is the largest chunk of gold we found in comparison to a penny.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

Several weeks ago, I dreamed the spiritual powers told me to give away five small chunks of gold at the winter dance. I might not usually talk about these things publicly, except for the interesting lessons I've learned already in the process of obtaining gold.

At first I struggled to think where a person might obtain gold in raw chunks as I saw them in my dream, but only two or three days later, I met a guy in Colville who pans for gold as a hobby. He told me a guy in Alaska sells dirt from a gold mine guaranteed to have at least a few nuggets. He showed me the website, and I put down my money.

This afternoon I came home from work and saw my package from Alaska arrived by Fed Ex.

Dakota and I followed the instructions and literally panned for gold in our bath tub, and would you know it, we actually found a few small chunks! We got to experience the thrill of the gold rush from so many years ago, at least on a limited scale. But we also got to experience the stress associated with that peculiar yellow rock. It takes a lot of tedious work to gather all the little flakes out of the pan, and on at least two different points, both Dakota and Whitney dumped the vial and lost some of the chunks. I got mad at first until I stopped and thought about the insanity of it all. When I really stopped to think about it, the words popped into my head, "This is the little yellow rock that makes men crazy."

Then I felt a little troubled; I mean, why did the spirits tell me to gather this thing, much less give it away to the people, especially if it distorts common sense and reason? I'm going to have to pray about this a little more before I finish...

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