Thursday, February 02, 2006

PEACE Curriculum

Sara and Kateri at Interfaith Council.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

Rhonda and I met Kateri and Sara to discuss Camp PEACE curriculum. Once again, we struggled with the issue of what makes a peacemaker. What skills do we want students to gain by attending our program?

The question of peacemaking resides at the heart of international politics and social movements. Essentially, we asked how people can express their own cherished values and beliefs without attacking others. Obviously, no one can fully answer these questions during a single 90 minute session, but we finally agreed on a few general themes. For example, peacemakers should know how to listen deeply to the experiences and viewpoints of others without necessarily surrendering their own values. They should also know how to speak about their values without attacking. We also agreed people need to learn to let go of attack altogether. It’s entirely possible to outwardly embrace diversity and still use it as a weapon of attack.

I’m not sure how well we defined our goals and objectives, but I found it meaningful to discuss these issues in a significant way. I left feeling humbled and inspired.

Greek style statues at the antique store...
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

Greek discus thrower...
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After we left, Rhonda and I briefly visited an antique store on Ruby Street. We actually enjoyed fantasizing about everything we would like to buy and taking pictures of re-creations of great works of art.

I liked this little guy because he reminded me
of the moods I get every now and then...
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses

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