Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Devil of Radicalism

On September 11, 2001 we entered what many feel is an age of terror. Sadly, the subway bombings in London last week re-confirmed those feelings. We hear of radical elements in Islam bent on destroying the American way of life, and I dare say, radical elements are also arising within our own politcal and religious systems. Indeed, for me, the problem lies in the fact that human beings struggle to allow others to live in peace, even if those "others" disagree with our ideologies.

Deseret News in Salt Lake City published a story this morning about the reaction of moderate Muslims to the terror attacks in London. The first paragraph captured my attention:

LEEDS, England — In a basement mosque where suspected suicide bombers once prayed, the imam ended worship Thursday with traditional Islamic blessings, then turned to the subject on everyone's mind: "The devil of radicalism is at our doorstep. We must fight it, brothers."

For the full article, click below:

Deseret News

With all my heart, I affirm this position; indeed, the devil of radicalism is at our doorstep, and we must oppose it; but we must also exercise caution, for in opposing radicalism in others, we must not succumb to radicalism ourselves.

The devil is a tricky fellow...I would venture to say the best way to oppose radicalism is not to actually oppose anyone, but to follow the teachings of the great spiritual masters of most faith traditions: to love one another, as we would like to be loved.

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