Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rhonda's Birthday

Yesterday was Rhonda's 35th birthday, but we celebrated today. Two other couples accompanied us to dinner and then a comedy show.

We had dinner at a relatively new place in town called "The Catacombs Pub." At least I think it's new; we just discovered it about a month ago. It's hard to describe the specific style of the restaurant, though one waitress referred to it as "Middle European." It features cuisine from Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

Rhonda and I split a "Mediterranean Calzone," which I dare say is the best calzone I ever tasted. One of our friends ordered a German meat platter with sweet glazed pork, noodles, and sour kraut; all of it quite delicious.

The restaurant occupies a portion of the lower level of the Montvale Hotel block in downtown Spokane. It has quite a warm, inviting atmosphere, featuring old masonry, stonework, tapestries, and candlelight. We quite enjoyed our experience.

After dinner, we enjoyed some good, clean laughs at another relatively new place in town: Comedy Sportz, which is a family-friendly improvisational theatre. We got front row seats and thoroughly enjoyed the comedy "games" in the style of "Whose Line is it Anyway?"


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