Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is there anything truly lacking?

Several days ago, I wrote about visiting a Native American sacred site; and yet I left out an important part of the story. After I arrived, I realized I didn't bring anything for an offering; no tobacco, or even a small coin to leave as a memorial to my respect. I made prayers, but I felt bad for not leaving any tangible object.

Then, as I walked away, I looked all around me and noticed endless sagebrush dominating the landscape. Years ago, I dreamed the spirit in the sage told me I could use it whenever I needed help.

Why didn't I see it sooner?

There was medicine all around me! I gathered a bundle and placed it on the altar of the sacred rock. Then I prayed again, this time not in half measures, but with conviction, singing my grandfather's song.

They say the spirits are pleased when we sing.

I walked away that day with an important teaching: is there ever anything truly lacking? Isn't it true the Creator always blesses us with exactly what we need? When we see the abundance of life, rather than the scarcity, then we see the Hand of Life sustains us perfectly and does not let us fall.

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