Saturday, July 30, 2005

Liberty Lake

Nothing profound to report; nothing to move the world; just a day at the beach with my children. And just where does a person go to the beach in land-locked Spokane? Well, there's a nice little spot on the southeast end of Liberty Lake covered in sand (undoubtedly trucked in from somewhere else), and complete with a jungle gym for the kids, showers, two lifeguards, etc. You can even rent boats for $5 per half hour.

The only drawback was the fee: $2 for every person over age 6; but then again, the fee probably discourages hoardes of swimmers from enjoying this little stretch of paradise. There have never been too many people when we visit the beach. We hate to compete with crowds, after all.

My mom and my sister and their families joined us for a very nice day of swimming and an outdoor BBQ.

So as I said in the beginning, nothing profound to report; just my little family escaping the heat at the beach.

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