Thursday, August 11, 2005

Congratulations Rhonda!!!

Congratulations to my wife Rhonda!!! After a year of intense coursework, she finally graduated from Inland Massage Institute as a massage therapist. Next week she will take her national exam and then receive her state license as a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She is already negotiating with an agent to establish a practice on the north side of Spokane.

We're so proud! She will now be known as Rhonda Moses LMP!

A great many family members and friends attended the ceremony, including her father who flew in from Phoenix especially for this event. Of all the graduates, Rhonda had the largest cheering section; or perhaps it would be more accurate to say she had the most vocal cheering section!

So many times along the way she wondered if she would ever survive to see this day, but as I said all along, I never doubted her for one moment. Anyone who knows her feels the same.

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