Friday, August 19, 2005

Wedding Photo

About a month ago, I wrote about performing a wedding for a couple whom I did not name out of respect for their privacy; it was, after all, their event and not mine. However, it all became public in today's issue of "7" in the Spokesman Review. Titled "I do's and don'ts" by staff writer Dan Webster, the article addresses the ins and outs of planning a wedding. My picture appeared performing a "Native American" wedding for Erin Dresler and Tobias Looper.

Sadly, I was not named in the photograph or the article, but someone who knows me recognized it and gave me a copy.

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Erin Dresler-Looper said...

I'm very sorry they didn't mention your name in the article. I actually wasn't aware of the article until the next day it was published.
You were the most important part of my wedding. You calmed me with your words, voice, and your presence. I am sorry they didn't reconize you because you were the most important part of the entire wedding.

Erin Dresler-Looper