Monday, August 15, 2005

World War II Veteran

We visited grandma and grandpa great this morning when we picked up Ron to take him to the airport. While we were there, grandpa great said he wanted to show me something. Just as before, he took me back to see his medals, but this time there was an American flag in the case. He also showed me a hat Steve bought him that said "World War II Veteran."

I give him the flag for father's day this year because his medal case had a place for the flag, but it was empty. I didn't think too much about it since, but as we left, Ron said grandpa great talked a lot about receiving that flag. As he told me this, I got a lump in my throat to think of what it meant to him. I told Ron, "No matter what your political opinions about the various wars we fight in this country, our veterans deserve the highest honor for the service they give."

I really meant it. People have heard me speak out against our current war, nevertheless, I honor those who fight in our behalf.

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