Friday, October 07, 2005

In Less Than an Hour

I passed through so many feelings and emotions today, mostly related to grandpa great, and so many others who went ahead to the spiritual world, but also because of life trials we experience now. Somehow standing at this place once again makes me relive all the times I buried my loved ones in times past; my grandparents, my father, my aunt; the wounds are just so fresh and new all over again.

My family went out to Steve and Lanith’s house to visit family members who traveled great distances to attend grandpa’s funeral. Lanith played a song for us which I wish to quote in full, based on 2 Peter 3:8, “Beloved…one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

These words are just so powerful in our mourning and grief:

In Less Than an Hour
By Cameron Steele

Oh they say that one year is a thousand in God’s,
And if all that they say is true,
All the moments we’ve laughed,
All the times we’ve cried,
Have been less than an hour or two.
Now the angels have taken you back to our God,
But if I close my eyes and I think in his time…

(Chorus) In less than an hour,
I’ll be holding you in my arms again.
In less than an hour,
My test on this Earth will be through.
All of my dreams will then come true.
Spending eternity with you,
In less than hour.

Oh, it doesn’t seem long as the seconds go by,
But there’s times when I feel so alone.
As I fall to my knees I feel arms holding me,
And I know that I’m not on my own.
He knows just how I feel ‘cause he’s been there before.
But he sees what I don’t.
He sees years that are minutes.


In less than an hour, the tears I cry now will turn to tears of joy.
In less than an hour, the heartache and sadness will be through.
All of my dreams will then come true.
Spending eternity with you is all I see.
Think of the things that we will do,
In less than an hour.

So I did the math…if it’s true a thousand years are like a single day in the eyes of the LORD, then I’ve been alive on this earth for only about 48 minutes; and my father left me only about 15 minutes ago. If I live another 40 years (age 74), it really will be less than an hour before I see my father again.

Think about that.

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