Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rhonda Passed the National Exam!!!

Congratulations to Rhonda on passing her National Exam to become a massage therapist!

Rhonda attended classes and studied more than a year at Inland Massage Institute to prepare for this day. She doubted herself many times along the way, but finally prevailed over one of the greatest demons in her life. In fact, this exam was the last significant hurdle toward obtaining licensure as a massage therapist. Now all she has to do is submit documentation to the state (pay a $50 fee, of course) and wait for her license to practice. In about three weeks she will receive her license and officially open for business.

Rhonda's practice will be licensed under the name Summit Therpeutic Massage. To view her massage webpage, click below:

Once again, congratulations Rhonda! We're all very proud of your achievement!

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