Saturday, October 22, 2005

Making Changes in Life

There is one whom I love like a son...he's been at Geiger Correctional Facility the last month or so for a variety of minor offenses. My wife and I visited him today and enjoyed a wonderful heart-to-heart discussion about the direction of his life. It's inspirational to me when a person takes responsibility for past mistakes and takes ownership of life's choices. He talked about church, and going back to the sweathouse, and finding God again in his life.

"But you've said these things before," I challenged him to dig a little deeper. "What makes this time different?"

"I know," he said, "I worry about it too. I want you to help me." He's never asked for help before. He's never taken any responsibility until now. There were no empty promises, no assurances, no begging for exceptions. Somehow, I have more hope for him now than ever before.

God speed...

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