Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Eastern Washington University

My family and I drove to Cheney this afternoon to turn in my resume at Eastern Washington University. I'm applying for a job working with Chicano/Latino students and other minorities. The job announcement requires applicants to speak both Spanish and English and be bi-cultural. I am bilingual and bi-cultural, but in a slightly different way. My two primary languages are English and Spanish, and my two cultures are American Indian and White.

In other news, I'm still gimping along with my broken camera, wishing I could take pictures with the now-defunct special features. I did manage to get a few good shots using what few features I have left. In fact, I got a few good shots of a statue on campus honoring Sacagawea and her infant son Jean Baptiste.

I'm not feeling so well tonight. I think I'll stay home from class and go to bed early.

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