Thursday, November 10, 2005

Feeling Blue

So, after my excursion into ego-land yesterday (posting 8 separate pictures of me), I returned to my senses and rejoined the world of sanity and humility. Actually, I felt relatively depressed most of the day; sort of "under the weather," though the sky was brilliant and clear. Mostly I'm discouraged by misunderstanding between friends, though I don't care to recount the exact circumstances here.

I long for a day when everyone sees eye to eye (even if we disagree on some matters), and everyone cares for one another; but this must be a fantasy, a mythical Garden of Eden that never really existed, nor ever will exist.

Buddhism teaches us to find peace in the world by accepting the transient, impermanent nature of reality. Nothing is constant. Everything is illusion, and yet I still cling to desires, notions, and preferred outcomes. These factors no doubt create confusion and depression within me.

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