Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fig Tree Article

The Fig Tree is a local newspaper reporting faith-related events in the Spokane area. Several years ago, the authors featured me on the front page after I spoke at an inter-denominational service at Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral. This year, the Fig Tree used one of my articles regarding Ophelia's candlelight vigil last month. The article used my wording almost word for word, but did not give me credit as the author. On the other hand, it did give credit to Summit Quest as one of the co-sponsors of the event.

I submitted the article to Mary Stamp of the Fig Tree last month, but I was not aware if she used it or not until my grandmother brought it to my attention today. She called and read the article over the phone. She gave special emphasis to the following paragraph:

"The highlight of the evening was a special candle-lighting ceremony. Participants were invited to light a candle and speak the first name of a loved one who suffered violence at the hands of another. Participants were visibly moved, and some wept openly. A middle-aged woman brought her elderly mother to the vigil, and when she lit her candle, she turned and whispered her mother’s name into the sacred space. The two women embraced and shared an emotional moment as mother and daughter."

If you remember when I first reported this event, the two women mentioned in this paragraph were my mom and my grandmother. Of course, my grandmother immediately recognized herself in the story and seemed pleased. She told me how much she enjoyed the service and how moved she felt by the many testimonies shared.

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