Monday, November 14, 2005

Rookery Block

I passed by the old Rookery Block this afternoon and photographed the wreckage. Someone purchased the block and plans to demolish it to make room for a surface parking lot. Preservationists have been fighting to save the historic block for a long time, but seemed destined to fail. However, I just saw on the news that the Spokane city council is working to make a last minute deal to save the block.

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Kiera said...

Might you still have the pictures you took a long time ago of the Rookery Block demolition? I know this is a weird request but someone has sued my client regarding an injury sustained near this block. As the condition of the Block has changed so dramtically over the past 3 years, I am trying to find any photos I can depicting the condition of the block before and during demolition.
(I googled "Rookery Block" and your bog popped up.) Can you please email me at I would GREATLY appreciate a response from you. Thank you for your time.