Thursday, November 17, 2005

Extreme Home Makeover in Sandpoint

My family drove to Sandpoint, Idaho this afternoon to watch a portion of Extreme Home Makeover. Rhonda and the kids watch the show faithfully every week, and enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate when they learned of the filming nearby. During the entire drive, Dakota could hardly contain his excitement. “I’m going to get Ty Pennington’s autograph!” He said over and over again.

Once we arrived in Sandpoint, a shuttle took us to the home site. The actual street was closed and guarded by police, so the shuttle was the only way for “spectators” to view the construction progress. The home was literally surrounded by portable cattle fences, creating a human corral for the public.

Of course, we hoped to see the stars of the show, but we had no such luck. We heard Michael (from the show) waved to a few people about a half hour before we arrived, but we never got to see any of the stars. We did see hundreds of workers wearing white hard hats and blue Extreme Home Makeover t-shirts. We also saw my cousin’s friend Gabe driving a small tractor on the home site (I believe he works for a local landscaping company).

We were disappointed to not see any celebrities, but we hope to return on Saturday for the reveal. The kids already practiced their lines numerous times: “Bus driver, move that bus!”

Well, we did see one local celebrity, Mark Peterson from KXLY News. He stood right next to us and told us about the home interior. He was waiting to speak with Ty Pennington and decided to mingle with us spectators while he waited. News coverage of the home is posted on the following website:

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