Sunday, November 27, 2005

The New Faces of Narcissism

I've not been feeling well the last few days, so I didn't get out much to take pictures. I was going to do a blog entry on the Christmas lights on my house (woo-hoo!), but I didn't do it for two reasons:

1) It's boring.

2) Any escaped convict or crazed psychopath surfing the web could easily identify my house by the picture. Who knows what they might do to my family then??? (I know it's a little melodramatic, but it's possible, but certainly more exciting than what I was going to post earlier).

So, with no amazing photgraphs to capture your interest or dazzle the senses, you're left with another photo-creation based on my personal sense of narcissim and self-aborption. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I will, but I doubt it:)

Of course, I retain copyright of all these photos. Would a narcissist have it any other way?

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